Online Graduate Degrees

During this age of technology, more and more students are turning away from traditional brick and mortar school and opting for online graduate degrees. With these online courses, students have much more flexibility. Online graduate degrees can be obtained for a variety of fields, including medical, education, legal and technology. Online degrees are also suitable for individuals who work full-time, have children to take care of or simply would like to go back to school without the pressures of physical institutions. Advancing your career can be done at your own convenience with the use of an online graduate degree in the field of your choice.

What Are Online Graduate Degrees

Online Graduate DegreesOnline graduate degrees are college courses that can be taken using a computer with Internet access. Those who have already finished a four-year college degree can obtain one. There are a variety of educational institutions that offer online courses for degrees in just about every field. Anyone who has access to the Internet can take these courses at their own leisure. Since there is no physical class, courses can be taken on the weekend or even in the middle of the night. Students have the freedom to take online graduate degree courses whenever they can. In some instances, these courses can be completed within one or two years, or sooner, since some are self-paced. The curriculums vary, so it is important that potential students view them to ensure that they fit with their own schedules. There are deadlines and class participation requirements that must be met for certain online degree courses. A great thing about going to school online is the wide availablity of the best graduate degrees and subject areas to choose.

Why Obtain an Online Graduate Degree vs. a Traditional On-Campus Degree

Online graduate degrees are ideal for anyone who is looking for flexibility. If you are good at studying alone and don’t need constant attention from an educator, you may find an online graduate degree to be right for you. With an online graduate degree, you can continue your education, allowing you to earn more in the career field that you have chosen.

On-campus degrees are good, but aren’t for everyone. With the online graduate degrees, people with busier lives or who would like to return to school years or even decades after graduating from college can easily do so. It offers a bigger advantage when it comes to time and money management. You can take a couple of courses at a time or complete the entire program. There’s so much flexibility and a lot of institutions are willing to cater your education around your needs and budget. If needed, in-person exams are requested for hands-on degrees like nursing and physical therapy.

The Many Benefits of Online Graduate Degrees

There are many great benefits that can be found with online graduate degrees, including:

  • Flexibility – You can take online courses any time of day or day of the week. Some are self-paced, allowing you to finish your courses quicker or slower without penalties.
  • Affordability – Since there isn’t a physical location, there’s no need to charge for attendance of an educator. The prices for online graduate degrees tend to be cheaper than traditional courses. Although some rates are the same as traditional schools, you may still find flexibility with the payment plans, allowing you to buy single courses or make monthly payments if you can’t obtain government financing.
  • Wide range of courses – Just as with a brick and mortar school, you have a large variety of college courses that you can take for your graduate degree.
  • Great one-on-one– You will still have full access to the educator, so you can call or email the teacher to get the extra tutoring you need for your online graduate degree.
  • Quicker – A lot of online graduate courses offer quicker completion. So instead of taking one or two years, it could take 9 to 18 months, depending on the degree and institution you enroll in.

How Much Are Online Graduate Degrees?

There isn’t a set rate for online graduate degrees, but there is a common misconception that they are all cheaper than on-campus degrees. If you decide to go with an accredited school that is prestigious, you can expect to pay high prices for your online courses. It also comes down to the online degree that you’re studying for. The range for an online degree cab be anywhere between $3,000 and $45,000; give or take. A three credit course online can sometimes range between $700 and $900, which can easily be compared to a mid-range on-campus school. This would equal out to about $7,500 per semester. This includes textbooks and other supplies that\’d be needed for the online degree. The price ranges rise and fall over time, so it is important to do you research and shop around for an accredited school that fits within your budget.

Are Any Online Graduate Degrees Provided by Accredited Schools?

Imagine studying a couple of years for an online graduate degree only to find out that the school you received your diploma from isn’t accredited. Without an accredited degree, you will have difficulties finding work. To avoid this dilemma, it is very important that you double check that the school you are enrolling in is accredited. Now, are there any accredited schools that offer online graduate degrees? Yes. There are many well-known schools that now offer online courses to students. You can also find schools that only offer distance learning courses that too are accredited. There are different types of accreditations – institutional and programmatic, and two branches of accreditations, national and regional. Depending on what you plan to do with your degree and what is required by the employer you will be working for will determine which type of accreditation you will want.

Of course, the national accreditation is the best option, since it is valid in all 50 states. If you plan to move and work in another region after you have completed your online degree, you will want to go with a nationally accredited school. If you plan to move to another state that is within the same region that your degree is accredited for, then a regional accreditation should suffice.

Types of Online Graduate Degree Accreditations

As mentioned, there are two types of accreditations for online graduate degrees: institutional and programmatic. It is very important that your education is accredited; otherwise it could end up being time and money wasted. Educational programs and institutions are regulated by self-regulatory, nonprofit and nongovernmental accrediting agencies. Not only does an accreditation secure your degree in the work field, but it also ensures that the education you are getting meets the standards for the industry you plan to work in.

An institutional accreditation is when the entire educational institution is reviewed and programmatic accreditation is when specific programs inside of the institution are reviewed. The accreditations that are given to the institution and programs can either be national or regional. Institutions are able to get programmatic, regional and/or national accreditations. You will find that majority of schools choose to get programmatic and regional accreditations to ensure that the quality of their education is better for its students.

Regional accreditation is considered to be the highest accreditation possible. It reviews public, nonprofit, degree-granting and private two-year and four-year schools. There are eight regional accreditations total – the West, South, North, Middle, New England and Northwest. The regional branch oversees about 3,000 schools.

The national accreditation keeps an eye on nontraditional and specialized schools across the U.S., including tech schools, religious colleges, online universities and vocational colleges. Within the national accreditation, there are two branches: career-related and faith-related.

Programmatic accreditation oversees individual programs within schools throughout the nation. There are 61 accrediting agencies within this branch, like the American Dental Association. It accredits 19,400 programs in various fields, such as law, social work, healthcare, education and business, among others. If you are entering into a profession that requires you to continue your education, such as in the legal, health or education field, then you will need to choose courses that have a programmatic accreditation.

What Employers Think About Online Graduate Degrees

In the past, employers looked down upon applicants who obtained online graduate degrees, but over the last couple of years, their views have changed. Online degrees are now being accepted with open arms, as long as they were obtained from accredited institutions. In the beginning, online degrees were unheard of and didn’t have legitimate or well-known colleges supplying them. Now, that this industry is closely regulated, that has all changed. There are a handful of employers out there today who may frown upon an online degree, but your chances of running into one may be slim. When placing an online graduate degree on your resume, just make sure to include the accredited institution’s name, the major your pursued and your GPA.

There are even some employers who view online degrees highly and even consider these graduates more valuable than on-campus degree holders. The reason for this is because graduates of online degrees have proven their ability to use technology that may be commonplace in their company, such as conducting webinars and video conferences. Completing an online graduate degree also shows that you have great self-management skills and commitment.

The Most Common Online Graduate Degrees

There are many great online graduate degrees to choose from, but there are a couple that many people tend to flock, like with these following degrees:

  • Psychology
  • Nursing/Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Legal/Criminal Justice
  • Finance
  • Business

Top Online Graduate Degree Schools

There are hundreds of online schools to choose from today, but here is a list of a few of the top accredited institutions:

  • Strayer University
  • Kaplan University
  • Capella University
  • Devry Univeristy
  • Ashford University

The Process for Obtaining an Online Graduate Degree

If you’re interested in proceeding with getting an online graduate degree, you will first need to browse around for an accredited institution. Just as you would with an on-campus degree, you should check the alumni and courses to see if they are up to your standards. Find out how the teacher-student relationships are and of course, the tuition costs.

You will speak with the admissions department about the online graduate degree that you’re interested in. He or she will help you get funding for your courses from Financial Aid, if you qualify and if you choose to enroll. Once you have been enrolled, you will be informed of the start date for your first semester. Make sure to log in regularly to keep up with assignment deadlines. It’s easy to overlook your school work when you have no one breathing over your shoulder, so you will need to be diligent. Once you have passed all of your courses and final exams, you will receive your online degree in the mail. Some institutions hold a graduation ceremony at its school, giving students a real sense of achievement.

What’s Needed to Complete an Online Graduate Degree

It doesn’t take much extra to complete online graduate courses. You will need to have access to a computer and high speed Internet and will need to purchase any textbooks and supplies that are needed. Some schools have online texts that you can read online. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for the online course; this is usually available on the web site of the institution. You will need to have sufficient memory RAM, hard drive space, processor speeds and Internet connections; broadband or DSL is recommended.

Tips for Passing Your Online Graduate Degree Courses

With online graduate degrees, it is very important that you have great time management skills and motivation. Many people fall behind or drop out because of their lack of self-management and dedication. You should take an online graduate degree course that you are passionate about, so that you won’t have this problem. Here are a few tips to help you complete an online graduate degree:

  • Set aside time each week to complete your online courses.
  • Make sure to take breaks in between studying, so that you don’t feel crammed mentally. Study for an hour or two at a time; pace yourself accordingly.
  • Work after you have rested and eaten to ensure that you have better concentration.
  • Just because you’re alone studying doesn’t mean you’re alone; get in touch with your professor or participate in online student forums if you need additional help.

Online Graduate Degrees Summary

Whatever online graduate degree you decide to take, make sure that you are committed and prepared to go for the long haul. In the end, you will reap the personal fulfillment and financial benefits of holding such a degree.


What is a Graduate Degree?

Graduate degrees are normally achieved after a two year program, depending on the school where the student is currently studying. This degree offers a higher education on a specific topic and allows a student to gain stronger knowledge on a topic of interest.

What It Takes To Earn a Graduate Degree

This two year advanced study program has a few required steps before it is successfully fulfilled. A student will first need to have a bachelor’s degree which may or may not need to be within the same field as they plan to study with their graduate degree. The student will need to apply to a graduate school (either online or on-campus) which can require anything from an application to a personal essay along with a copy of the student’s most recent resume. Some programs require that the student have some working experience within the given field and therefore will need to show their work experience on paper. Other items that are required can include an academic transcript of the student’s past education experience (bachelor’s degree, online courses, etc), a standardized test including the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), letters of recommendation from a professional and personal acquaintance, and the admission essay or personal statement as listed above.

Once a student is accepted into the program they will then study at most for an additional two years. During these two years they might need to write a thesis paper (an academic dissertation that states their belief in a topic along with facts to cover their findings), conduct some oral presentations, and get an internship (on-the-job training that allows the student to gain knowledge and skills in particular career field) for at least one semester.

The cost of getting a graduate degree can range depending on the institution that they student is attending. A graduate degree can cost up to $100,000 for the entire two year program.

History of Graduate Degrees

In 1898 the University of Chicago Booth School of Business which was then called the Graduate School of Business was the first school that offered both an Executive MBA degree along with a PhD, but in 1910 the Harvard Business School offered the first Master’s of Business (MBA). Graduate degrees have expanded over the years allowing students to get higher education in almost any topic of interest rather than the basics: business, law, medicine, etc.

How To Get a Graduate Degree

To get a graduate degree a student will first need to have prior education such as holding a bachelor’s degree. They don’t always need to have a bachelor’s degree in the same field that they are getting their graduate degree in, but that all depends on the school and the program they are in. A student may or may not need to have some prior work experience in the field before they apply to graduate school and achieve their higher education. Normally, a graduate degree takes about one to two years when a student is going full time, and if they are studying at a part time level, it can take up to roughly four years to complete.

A Future With a Graduate Degree

Once a student gains a graduate degree in their field they are considered to have the experience and knowledge of a professional, specialized in their subject. This being said these students can gain better jobs with higher positions especially in management, and can also get a higher paying salary than those who have no education or those with only bachelor’s degree. This all depends on the type of degree that the student is studying and the career that they are in. Some jobs offer more money for those who gain a higher level education while others do not have the same offerings simply because graduate degrees are not relevant for the specific career. The salary of a student who has a graduate degree will also differ among the location, but they can earn anywhere from $55,000 well into the $100,000 per year. Someone who lives in a metro area such as Boston or New York may earn more than those located in the South such as Georgia or Florida.

Where To Earn a Graduate Degree

Students have the option to either get a graduate degree at a university on-campus or at their home on their computer with an online degree. Not every field can offer a student to study online because they might need to do some in-class or studio time rather than studying just in the books. However, there are many graduate degrees that are offered online today including the following:

  • Art
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion
  • Engineering
  • Computers and Technology
  • Law
  • Nursing and Medicine
  • Science
  • Business
  • Life Science

There are many ways to receive your gradate degree and whether you prefer studying in a classroom or at home, you can further your education on your own schedule. This makes it convenient for those who want to get a higher education but also have to continue working full time at their current position.

Most Popular Graduate Degrees

While there are many different fields that offer graduate degrees and that students can study, there are some that are more popular than others. Some popular graduate degrees include any of the following:

  • Graduate Finance Degrees
  • Graduate Degrees in Psychology
  • Education Graduate Degrees
  • Graduate Business Degrees
  • Graduate Law Degrees
  • Marketing Graduate Degrees
  • Graduate Nursing Degrees
  • Graduate Medical Degrees
  • Graduate Accounting Degrees
  • Counseling Graduate Degrees

The degrees above are just some of the many graduate degrees that are popular among many students. The reason that these are so popular is because the fields offer their employee to become specialized in a given topic after completion of their graduate degree, a higher pay scale, and even a managerial position.

Learn More about Graduate Degrees Today

You might be interested in getting a higher education and this site will be able to show you the way to a better education and a successful career. Enjoy searching through this site to learn more about graduate degrees, programs that are offered, and how to go about getting the degree of your choice. You are on the right path to a very successful and exciting future starting with just a click of your mouse.


Graduate Degrees Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. This particular field of study was started thousands of years ago in ancient civiliations in China, Egypt, India and Greece. Over time, psychology has become a well documented subject that has lead to a popularity in universities at the associate, bachelor, graduate and doctoral levels. There are different types of graduate degrees in psychology which are based on experimental, clinical, cognitive and other types of programs.

Graduate Degrees in PsychologyA student might want to receive a graduate degree in psychology to further their studies, obtain new skills and advance in a career path, whether it be in mental health, Industrial and Organizational, or academic research. This means that once a student has earned a graduate degree in psychology, they will be able to work in several different facilities including health, schools, and government. Generally, psychology graduate degrees are divided up into Masters of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW). This is normally a two year program when going full time and includes an internship.

What are the most popular areas of interest with psychology graduate degrees?

Dividing the different degrees up from MA to MS, students will find that there are many different areas of interest to study. Graduate level areas of study in psychology include:

  • Experimental
  • Developmental
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Clinical
  • Counseling
  • Psychology and law
  • Behavioral medicine

Why would someone want to earn a psychology graduate degree?

Students tend to study for graduate degrees in psychology to further their education on a broad term or within a certain specialization. For example, some students may be interested in research and analysis, while others may find therapy in clinics or counseling as their calling. Getting a graduate degree also helps a student quality for acceptance into several doctoral programs.

Earning a psychology graduate degree on-campus

Studying on-campus provides students with interacting face-to-face with their peers and faculty. Many students prefer this type of interaction, while still getting some independent study time. Studying on-campus also allows students the opportunity to be involved in seminars and workshops on-campus that will help them network and learn more about their field of interest.

Earning a psychology graduate degree online

For those students looking for a more flexible approach to studying, they might prefer to get their degree online. Much of the coursework is designated to research, so doing it independently is normally not a problem and sometimes preferred as to working in a larger classroom. Something to consider is understanding the importance of self-discipline, as students will be working well on their own. Students who earn a degree online will have the convenience of logging into the school’s academic system at their own time (normally 24 hours a day).

What is the outcome from earning a psychology graduate degree?

After a student has received a graduate degree in psychology, he has plenty of options when it comes to his career choice. A student can choose to work as a clinical psychologist, a social worker, educational psychologist, social service manager, and psychologist specialist, to name just a few positions. Since a student will have education in a specialized psychology field, he will have plenty of options and will be a huge asset to the industry. Students who receive a psychology graduate degree can normally make well into the $100,000 a year, making for a very rewarding and lucrative career.


Graduate Marketing Degrees

A marketing career is one of the most lucrative and broad fields out there. Marketing, which is the action of promoting and selling services or products allows the people in the industry to have the ability to hold several different positions. Marketing is the overall process of delivering a proper communication to the customer to give value and maintain a strong relationship with the consumer.

About Marketing Graduate Degrees

Medical Graduate DegreesMarketing graduate degrees can either offer a student a broad knowledge into the field or can allow the student to study a specific specialization such as customer service, public relations, and management. The type of degree will provide the student the proper tools and skills to successfully manage people and the industry, while offering many leadership practices and technology advancements.

Most popular types of marketing graduate degrees

There are plenty of marketing degrees that are offered on a graduate level that either deal solely with marketing or that offer a specialization. Some of the most common degrees are as follows:

    • Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Master of Business Administration in Marketing
    • Master of Science in Business Analysis
    • Master of Science in International Marketing Management
    • Master of Business in Marketing
    • Master in Advertising
    • Master in Real Estate and Marketing

Why would someone want to earn a marketing graduate degree

A person may want to earn a marketing graduate degree to help further their education and knowledge in the field such as with consumer behavior, communication, sales, and research.

What does it take to earn a marketing graduate degree?

Depending on the school and the program that the student is interesting in studying will help determine what exactly is needed before getting accepted into the marketing graduate degree program. However, most schools ask that the student applying for the graduate degree have at least a bachelors degree, and normally it is asked that the degree is in a marketing related field.

Highest paying jobs for a person with a marketing graduate degree

According to the ninth highest paying job in the country is a marketing manager, ranging around $100,000 a year. A person who has a marketing graduate degree is essential for those who are looking to receive a higher-level position with a salary stated above. While this is a decent salary, there are even higher positions that offer even more money. Some of the other high paying marketing jobs consists of the following:

    • International Marketing Executive: $282,100
    • Top Marketing Executive: $244,400
    • Market Research Executive: $193,100
    • Marketing Director: $152,800

There are plenty of marketing jobs in the industry and when a graduate degree is factored in, there is no telling how successful a person in this market can be. A marketing graduate degree whether obtained online or on-campus will help offer the student the proper education (roughly two years for full time students) that will provide a lucrative career.


Graduate Nursing Degree

Working as a nurse takes dedication, compassion, and of course the right schooling.Graduate nursing degrees help a person who is interested in the medical field, get the proper education they need to successfully become a skilled and knowledgeable nurse professional.

What is a graduate nursing degree?

Graduate Nursing DegreesA graduate nursing degree is a higher level of education that can either give a student an overall study in nursing or specialize in a particular field, such as health administration or case management. A graduate degree will also allow a student to be considered an expert in their specialized field with a leadership role, along with helping with medical research, and providing advanced patient care.

What are the most popular types of graduate nursing degrees?

Whether you\’re interested in learning more about nursing as a whole, with a stronger background and knowledge of the science to it, or interested in specializing in a specific field, there are many graduate nursing degrees to choose from. Some of the most popular degrees include:

  • Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Nursing Anesthetist
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse

Why would someone want to earn a graduate nursing degree?

The reason a student would want to go on and earn a graduate nursing degree is to help advance their career by becoming a nurse practitioner, a nurse educator, a surgical nurse or a clinical nurse. A degree like this will provide a student a sufficient way to take their career to a higher place. Graduate degrees can give these students a focus on a particular field of interest such as Leadership and Administration, Public Health and Midwifery. There are many other reasons to choose the nursing field, besides that fact that it is one of the best graduate degrees for the future.

Where to study?

There are many institutions for students to get their degree. Some may prefer to get their degree on-campus with the one-on-one attention provided by the professors, while others might enjoy having a more relaxed schedule, studying at her own pace with an online degree.

Some of the top best schools (on-campus) to receive a graduate nursing degree are as follows:

  • John Hopkins University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
  • Duke University
  • Yale University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Columbia University
  • Boston College

Schools that offer online degrees:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University
  • Sacred Heart University
  • Georgetown University
  • Walden University

What is the outcome from earning a graduate nursing degree?

With health professionals on the rise and in strong demand, students can rest assure that studying for a graduate nursing degree will be beneficial. Not only will they learn more in their field, but they will have a substantial and fulfilling career. Most nurses who graduate with a higher level of education can make more money than those who don\’t. A starting salary can be anything from $60,000 to around $90,000 a year for those professionals with a graduate nursing degree. When a student receives a degree in a specific specialization, they are considered to be in even higher demand, which will help increase her salary. Getting a graduate nursing degree can be rewarding, with plenty of exciting earning potential.


Graduate Law Degree

Students who are already experienced in law, (ones currently holding a position working in the field) and have a bachelors in law want to learn more about graduate law degrees because they seek advancement in the field. Some might prefer to focus their career on a specific type of law such as International Criminal Law, while others might want to focus on taxation, and getting a graduate degree will help give them the proper education for this specific field of interest. Others who seek out law graduate degrees might also want to simply get a higher degree of education to help move up in their current position.

What is a Graduate Law Degree?

graduate law degreesA law graduate degree which is also referred to as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) is a postgraduate law degree which students pursue to get more familiar in a specialized field of law. Normally getting a graduate degree in law takes students approximately one year to complete when going full time. Part time students can vary depending on what their schedule permits, but normally no more than two years. Getting a masters in law helps students in the workplace because many firms like to see their employees have specialized skills and education to advance their knowledge in the field. These students are also more qualified in the workplace making them a higher asset than those who might not have the specialized skills and education background.

What are the most popular types of Graduate Law Degrees?

There are many law graduate degrees to consider. Students who are interested in studying law further can decide where they want to focus their studies. Some examples of popular law graduate degrees are as follows:

  • M.S. in Criminal Justice/Law
  • Taxation
  • Master of Resources Law Studies
  • LL.M. in International Criminal Law
  • Masters of Law
  • Professional Accountancy
  • LL.M. in Technology & Intellectual Property Law
  • Master of Science in Legal Administration
  • LL.M. in Health Law

What does it take to earn a Graduate Law Degree?

Earning a graduate law degree depends mainly on the requirements of the attending school. Normally a student will need to have a prior background in law to obtain a higher degree. A bachelors degree will give students the basic skills in law, so when they go on and study for a masters they will be able to focus their studies on a particular specialization. Once a bachelors degree in law is obtained, the student will also need to pass the bar exam (a government-based examination US law students need to take before practicing law) to be able to apply for graduate school. Other schools might allow a student into their masters program if they have a bachelors degree in a field other than law, or if they have prior experience working in a law firm.

How to get a Graduate Law Degree

Getting a graduate law degree can be done in two ways: on-campus and online. Depending on the school, the program, and the student will ultimately help determine which is the correct choice.

Online Graduate Law Degree

Studying online allows the student to study at their own pace, making it a convenient option to get a degree. Many students prefer getting a law graduate degree online from the conventional on-campus program because they are able to still keep their full time job without having their education interfere. Studying online also allows students to study anywhere, whether at home, on their lunch break, or in the local bookstore. Coursework normally consists of items that can be done remotely and individually, including research, writing and case studies.

The problem that some students feel when they are getting a degree online is that they miss that one-on-one attention with the professors and the interaction with the other students. While online programs have virtual classrooms that normally consist of discussion boards and live chats, some students prefer to be face-to-face with the ones they are learning from.

On-campus Graduate Law Degree

Going to a campus to study for a law graduate degree allows the student to really be involved in the academic program, the campus, and the school\’s community. The one-on-one attention and classroom interaction is ideal for those looking for a more community based program, without excessive amounts of freedom like with an online degree. Students who study on-campus are also able to be tightly connected to seminars, lectures, and workshops that the school may have for the attending students, which can help them further their studies and their professional network.

A major downfall for a student looking to study on-campus while working full time is that the courses and classwork can get in the way of their regular scheduled day. Many students who face this dilemma either focus on scheduling their classes around their job (taking more night classes when offered) or they need to drop from full time to part time. However this is not always an option as some schools do not allow students to do this.

The outcome from earning a Graduate Law Degree

After getting a law graduate degree, students will be able to come away with more education on either the general knowledge of the legal system or have a narrow focus on a certain specialization in the field. While in most cases, law firms do not require that a lawyer need to have a graduate degree in law, (as long as he has a bachelor\’s in law and a doctorate or Juris Doctor), getting a graduate degree will help a person stand out from others. A person with this degree might also have an advantage of getting paid a higher salary due to his specialization he studied. The average lawyer in the United States makes around $75,000 to $88,000 per year, but it\’s possible for them to make much more, well into the $100,000. While getting a law graduate degree might not be required for those practicing law, it has its advantages and is definitely worth looking into.


Best Environmental Graduate Degrees

Environmental graduate degrees allow the student to explore environmental science along with economics, ecology, and climate. The classes are usually taught by science professionals and can be taken either at a part time or full time level. Those who go full time can usually earn their degree within two years. Students normally are allowed to study a specific concentration when they study for their graduate degree or master of environmental studies.

Popular environmental graduate degree offerings

Environmental Graduate Degrees

Students are able to study science on a graduate level with several different degree offerings to choose from. Some of the best graduate degrees that students enjoy studying in the environmental field are as follows:

  • Master of Environmental Management
  • Master in Individualized Studies
  • Master in Systems Science; Environmental Studies Concentration
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Health
  • Geo-environmental Studies
  • International Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • Environmental Systems Management
  • Master of Science in Resource Management and Conservation
  • Master of Environmental Planning

Degree Concentrations

For those who are looking to specialize in a specific concentration when getting an environmental graduate degree, here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Biology
  • Resource Management
  • Environmental Policy
  • Urban Environment
  • Reasons to earn an environmental graduate degree

    There are so many reasons why a person might want to earn a graduate degree in science. Not only will they be able to learn more about the field they are interested in or perhaps even study a specialized concentration that makes them an expert in their field, they will also have an excellent career. Science careers are constantly on the rise and always in demand.

    Requirements for earning an environmental graduate degree

    For students who are interested in getting higher education in their science field, there are a few requirements that will need to be followed. First, students will need to hold a bachelor’s degree and depending on the program, they may or may not need to have one in a specific, science related field. Students will then need to take several core classes that focus on the basic science classes that are needed to prepare the student to focus more freely on their concentration. These students will also get to take elective courses that can be applied toward their degree, and can be chosen exclusively by the student. Depending on the school and the program that the student is in, will depend on whether they will need to write a thesis at the end of the academic year or will need to hand in a terminal project. Normally a student will need to do one or the other.

    After getting an environmental graduate degree

    Once a student earns their environmental graduate degree, they will can seek out management and leadership roles in their career field. They will be looked at as someone who is specialized in their particular concentration and will be in high demand for the employers due to their strong education background. Science students can have a job in anything from medical research to ecology, and these jobs all allow for a lucrative and successful career.


Best Graduate Degrees for the Future

With thousands of new college graduates entering the work force, a report from Forbes pegs national unemployment at just over nine percent and underemployment at nearly 19 percent – resulting in fresh graduates begging off a weak job market to purse a graduate degree. We help you review the best graduate degrees for the future based on interests, location and current education achievements. A graduate degree – also called a master’s – is an academic specific degree awarded to a student who has demonstrated mastery of or high achievement in a field of study or area of professional practice.

The Benefits of Earning a Graduate Degree

The benefits of pursuing a graduate degree may not immediately come to mind for recent graduates, especially because of the costs involved. According to Tara Kuther, Ph.D. and Professor of Psychology at Western Connecticut State University, the price of a typical graduate degree can range from $10,000 a year at a public state college to more than $30,000 annually at a top tier or private university. That being the case, there are many reasons to consider a post-graduate or master’s degree, among them:

Higher salaries. The difference between a graduate degree and a bachelor’s degree in certain fields can be several thousand dollars annually. For instance, a bachelor’s degree in accounting is worth about $46,000 a year, while a graduate degree in the same field may result in a first year salary of nearly $51,000. The difference in engineering is even more pronounced. According to CareerBuilder, a bachelor’s degree is worth about $54,000 while someone with a master’s degree may command $69,000 initially.

Greater respect. Many people with graduate degrees report they have more respect for themselves because of the path they chose, while colleagues often express the same sentiment.

More job opportunities. Career advancement in many fields and at many companies often requires advanced training, translating into a need for an advanced degree to purse jobs that otherwise may not be available.

The chance to work with top educators in their field.

Bulletproof Your Future with These Graduate Degrees

There are, of course, no guarantees when it comes to a graduate degree translating into more job opportunities or higher earnings, but many experts have uncovered data that points to the best master’s degrees for job seekers in different fields related to earning and job growth potential.

Physicians Assistant

A physician’s assistant is a medical professional who provides diagnostic and preventative healthcare services under doctor supervision. According and Forbes, there is a 39 percent increase in job opportunities for the professionals between 2011 and 2008. The average mid-career salary is about $101,000.

Computer Science

A graduate degree in Computer Science can lead to top positions in research institutions, technology companies, government agencies, and colleges and universities. Mid-career professionals with this degree can earn as much as $109,000 with a projected jobs increase of 27 percent.

Civil Engineering

A professional with a graduate degree in Civil Engineering often works on designing, constructing, and maintaining works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. According to Forbes it offers a mid-career salary of more than $96,000 with a 24 percent increase in job demand.


For those pursuing a graduate degree from a dental school, U.S. News & World Report says these professionals earned a median salary of $142,000 in 2009 in a field expecting 15 percent job growth between 2008 and 2018.


A graduate or master’s degree in Mathematics is worth about $87,000 a year for a mid-career professional. Projected job growth in this field is estimated at 22 percent.

Management Consultant

If you have earned a master’s degree in Business (MBA) and work as a Management Consultant, a mid-career salary may be worth $114,000 at IBM or $127,000 at Deloitte, according to U.S. News & World Report.


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, nursing jobs are plentiful nationwide, with many people pursuing this as a secondary career. For those with a graduate degree in the middle of their career, this field can pay as much as $85,500 and offers a 22 percent increase in job growth.


Nearly 90 percent of physicists work in medicine, education, industry, or other professions, according to This is another graduate degree with six figure earning potential, topping out at $115,000 for mid career earners, says Forbes.

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist – someone who helps people with physical, mental, developmental, and or emotional disabilities perform daily tasks and maintenance independence – can expect to earn upwards of $78,000 mid way through their career, according to Forbes and

Political Science

A professional with a graduate degree in Political Science has mid career earning potential of about $87,000 a year and fills jobs such as a paralegal or legal assistant, or government affairs director, among others. These professionals often go on to careers in education, journalism, or other government positions where their skills are in demand.

Top Graduate Schools

Many factors come into play when considering which graduate school to attend, chief among them cost, location, and scheduling issues. What are some of the top graduate schools in America? It depends on the field you are most interested in.

For instance, students wishing to pursue an advanced business degree specializing in accounting, finance, management, or marketing may choose from top programs at Stanford, Harvard, or MIT.

If you are leaning toward an advanced degree in education with an eye on a career in teaching or education policy, U.S. News & World Report lists Vanderbilt, Harvard, and the University of Texas-Austin as the top three choices.

Students leaning toward a graduate degree in engineering may choose from MIT, Stanford, or the University of California-Berkley, while those pursuing a medical or Earth Science degree can opt for the University of Pennsylvania or the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Best Graduate Degrees for the Future in Summary

Selecting the best graduate degree to pursue is more than simply a decision about earnings potential. It also depends on your skills and interest in a particular field, and the level of commitment necessary to succeed academically and in the job market. As with any decision, research your options, and consider the pros and cons before making a final choice on what graduate degree is your best choice for the future.


Distance Learning Graduate Degrees

Are you interested in studying online for your degree but want to know more about it before committing yourself? To grasp a better understanding what a distance learning graduate degree is, it’s best to first understand what distance learning is. Distance learning is done primarily online and focuses on technology teaching methods, rather than being in a classroom. Some distance learning programs require that the student take online courses and some on-campus or will need to take tests or lab studies in an institution. These types of programs are called hybrid distance learning.

What is a distance learning graduate degree?

Distance Learning Graduate DegreesDistance learning graduate degrees are performed online with a flexible schedule for those who need more leeway with their studies. This type of degree can be done at the student’s own time and can fit more easily with their everyday schedule, especially if they are working full time. Some on-campus colleges and universities offer distance learning, while there are others that are fully online based accredited schools. When a distance learning graduate degree is earned at a full time level, it can normally be completed within two years.

What are the most popular types of distance learning graduate degrees?

While there are many different types of distance learning graduate degrees, there are some that are exceedingly popular among students. These degrees are as follows:

  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Law

Some degrees offer all exclusive online courses, while other degrees such as medicine and some law programs require that students take both online and on-campus courses. This would be considered partial online learning, since students will need to perform some work inside a classroom.

Why would someone want to earn a distance learning graduate degree?

The reasons for earning a distance learning graduate degree are endless. Students who get higher education will become a strong attribute in the workforce, will get a higher level position, better education and even specialized in a given field, and will ultimately make more money. However, the reason why a person might want to study online can also vary, but normally the main reason is that they want more education but on their own time. Many students who seek out a graduate degree have a full time job and are not able to study full time at a university because their schedule does not permit. When studying online, a student is able to get the degree they want on their own time, without every having their classes overtake their everyday life.

What does it take to earn a distance learning graduate degree?

Students who want to get a graduate degree online will first need to have a bachelor’s degree. Since there are so many different graduate degree programs to choose from, the type of bachelor’s degree that a student needs to hold will vary. Some programs require that the bachelor degree the student has needs to be in a related field of interest, while others only require that the student have a four year degree with a certain GPA.


Science Graduate Degrees

What is science? Science is the intellectual study of the physical and natural world of humans. Knowledge is formed in testable explanations and predictions about the world and is also notably explained by logic or rationale.

What is a science graduate degree?

Science Graduate DegreesScience graduate degrees are a postgraduate academic program that usually consists of course-based in-class work, research, and lab studies. Normally a student can receive a science graduate degree in about two years when the program is done at a full time level. It can also involve internships along with the academic training and workplace skills.

The most popular types of science graduate degrees

When it comes to science, there are many graduate degrees for students to choose from. Some of the most popular science graduate degree programs include the following:

  • Biomedical Engineering Specialization
  • Bioethics and Medical Humanities
  • Biology
  • Master of Science in Human Applied Anatomy and Physiology Instruction
  • Natural Science (M.S)
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Master of Biotechnology
  • Anthrozoology
  • Master of Science in Environmental Studies
  • Biotechnological Law and Ethics
  • Forensic Science

Why would someone want to earn a science graduate degree?

There are many reasons to acquire a science graduate degree. Companies are always looking for highly skilled professionals in the science field who have strong knowledge in both science and mathematics. Getting a science graduate degree will give these students the proper skills in these fields, allowing them to be considered professionals in science and making them in high demand for employers.

What does it take to earn a science graduate degree?

Getting a science graduate degree can vary from schools and the specific programs that are offered. Usually a student will always need to have a bachelor’s degree before getting any higher education. Depending on the program the student is studying, some will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a similar science related field, while others may be able to only need to carry a four year degree without any specific direction.

What can a person expect as the outcome from earning a science graduate degree?

Once a student has a science graduate degree there are many career options to choose from in the field. Students are able to achieve high level jobs in biochemistry, astronomy, cancer research, and clinical research. By getting a science graduate degree a student will be able to get high-level or management careers as well as higher annual salaries than those who do not have a graduate degree. These students will also have the specialized skills to work in a specific field and be thought of as a leader and a strong asset for any employer.

The highest paying jobs that a person with a science graduate degree may qualify for

While there are many careers that a person can choose once graduating with a science graduate degree, there are three major jobs that offer the highest salary. The medical field offers some of the highest paying positions including surgeons, anesthesiologists, and dentists. However, other high paying, high level positions are natural science managers, aerospace engineer and a mine geologist.