Best Graduate Degrees

Many students decide to go on and further their education for many different reasons. Some of the more popular reasons why a student may want to earn a graduate degree is to qualify for a higher paying job or a position in a higher level of management. In the workplace, there has always been a demand for educated and skilled professionals who have advanced studies in a specific category or industry. Many companies seek these well educated individuals for a range of professions, including: business, law, health, medical, social, marketing and more.

Getting a graduate degree is a high level of accomplishment because not only does the student gain more knowledge of their field on a more intense program, but a graduate degree can allow for a better, high paying position. Most students who have a graduate degree can end up earning well over $100,000 a year especially when they choose one of the best graduate degrees that are featured on this site. Let us put you in direct connect with a network of graduate schools for almost any masters level education imaginable.

This website was developed for you to learn about the best graduate degrees and learn what it takes to complete graduate school, for both online and on-campus education. Use the zip code search box below to find a local graduate schools, or start by selecting a graduate degree category from the group above. Each category page provides complete details on the specific type of graduate degree.

Top Five Best Graduate Degrees

So you are now interested in going back to school and learning more about a given topic. You may or may not have a topic of interest or are currently holding a specific position that you want to gain stronger knowledge about, however it’s important to understand which graduate degrees are the most popular, most valued and considered the best overall choice. The top five best graduate degrees and areas of study include:

  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Education

Why These Degrees?

These graduate degrees are based on having a high demand in the workforce and are ever changing and constantly needed no matter how the economy changes. They also offer some of the highest paying jobs that a student can achieve which make them extremely desirable. These degrees are not only in demand and offer a decent pay scale, but they have excellent positions that a grad student is able to accept, especially in management.

Business Graduate Degrees

Business degrees along with finance and accounting can make for an incredibly lucrative career especially after getting a graduate degree in the field. Many students want to pursue getting a higher degree in business such as an MBA because they want to get a higher level position in management that will help them make a higher salary. Business professionals normally make well into the $100,000 for their annual salary or more.

Medicine Graduate Degrees

Those looking to get their career going in the medical field can be anyone from a nurse to a surgeon. Most students who are interested in working in this high-demand field can obtain higher level of education, but a doctor tends to make the most money and prosper the most after getting a graduate degree. Depending on the field of interest, a person who is interested in gaining more education in the medical field might also needs to get more education following the graduate degree. A doctor will then also need to go into a residency program and get a PhD. Those with this type of education background can earn around $200,000 annually.

Engineering Graduate Degree

Getting a graduate degree in engineering can allow a student to choose from several career paths such as in computers, mechanical and nuclear. Those who have an engineering background can also have a lucrative career in oil, which is one of the most highly recognized careers in this type of field, offering the most money. Students who get a degree in engineering can have an average salary that consists of anything from $50,000 to $80,000.

Law Graduate Degrees

Most lawyers need to have a graduate degree to practice law. A student needs to go to law school and then pass the bar exam (to determine if the student is qualified to practice law) to become a lawyer in their jurisdiction. The Master of Laws or LL.M is the most popular type of graduate degree that a student studies for when interested in obtaining stronger education knowledge in their field. A lawyer normally tends to make well into the $100,000 per year after fulfilling all of their education requirements.

Education Graduate Degrees

Many students who are interested in teaching end up getting higher education for a better teaching position. Getting a graduate degree in education normally allows a teacher to get a higher paying salary than those who don’t. While we think that college professors are the ones who get paid the most due to their PhD holding, those even teaching middle school and high school can obtain a better paying position with a higher degree. Even those who are not necessarily interested in teaching but want to stay in the school system as an administrator can make a higher income with a graduate degree. Education professionals can make anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 per year depending on their location and their position with a graduate degree.

Other Graduate Degrees

While the degrees above are only some of the many popular graduate degrees that are offered, they are some of the most successful and needed in their given field. Other fields of study don’t necessarily need an employee to have a higher education once they have already filled their undergraduate fulfillment. While this still doesn’t mean a student shouldn’t go on to study further within their field, but they should know that by doing so might not always guarantee them to a higher paying position. Jobs including education and social work don’t always necessarily need their workers to have a higher education than a bachelor’s degree in their field, and if the worker does hold a graduate degree it doesn’t always allow them to get a better position.

Ways to Earn a Graduate Degree

There are two ways to earn graduate degrees. The first was in the traditional on-campus approach, which is centers on in-class teaching. The newer method which has enabled thousands of people to earn a graduate degree while not on-campus is an online degree. An online masters degree program can range from two to four years, depending on the amount of credits completed. When earning an online graduate degree, many times you are allowed to work at your own pace, which may extend the overall completion timeline. The best graduate degrees are those which you find interesting and rewarding. When selecting a graduate degree program, choose something in which you have a passion. Many times a graduate level education leads to a job that requires a high level of concentration and time. Without a true design to learn the subject, the best graduate degrees would not be worth the time. So we suggest to take your time and read though our library of graduate degrees so you can determine which is best for you. As a side note, it was reported by the U.S. Department of Labor that the average weekly salary for a graduate degree holder is $1,129, which is about $200 more a week than a person with a bachelors degree.

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Getting a higher education allows a student to get a higher paying job and a better position within their field. The top five best graduate degrees offer students an exciting and successful career that will always be in high-demand.

Now that you have learned what a graduate degree is, why you might want to study for one, and which degrees are going to allow your career to prosper, it is now time to get searching for the degree of your choice. There are plenty of degree options and this is an exciting time for you and your educational journey. Start your search today and let this site be your guide to your future.