Graduate Marketing Degrees

A marketing career is one of the most lucrative and broad fields out there. Marketing, which is the action of promoting and selling services or products allows the people in the industry to have the ability to hold several different positions. Marketing is the overall process of delivering a proper communication to the customer to give value and maintain a strong relationship with the consumer.

About Marketing Graduate Degrees

Medical Graduate DegreesMarketing graduate degrees can either offer a student a broad knowledge into the field or can allow the student to study a specific specialization such as customer service, public relations, and management. The type of degree will provide the student the proper tools and skills to successfully manage people and the industry, while offering many leadership practices and technology advancements.

Most popular types of marketing graduate degrees

There are plenty of marketing degrees that are offered on a graduate level that either deal solely with marketing or that offer a specialization. Some of the most common degrees are as follows:

    • Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Master of Business Administration in Marketing
    • Master of Science in Business Analysis
    • Master of Science in International Marketing Management
    • Master of Business in Marketing
    • Master in Advertising
    • Master in Real Estate and Marketing

Why would someone want to earn a marketing graduate degree

A person may want to earn a marketing graduate degree to help further their education and knowledge in the field such as with consumer behavior, communication, sales, and research.

What does it take to earn a marketing graduate degree?

Depending on the school and the program that the student is interesting in studying will help determine what exactly is needed before getting accepted into the marketing graduate degree program. However, most schools ask that the student applying for the graduate degree have at least a bachelors degree, and normally it is asked that the degree is in a marketing related field.

Highest paying jobs for a person with a marketing graduate degree

According to the ninth highest paying job in the country is a marketing manager, ranging around $100,000 a year. A person who has a marketing graduate degree is essential for those who are looking to receive a higher-level position with a salary stated above. While this is a decent salary, there are even higher positions that offer even more money. Some of the other high paying marketing jobs consists of the following:

    • International Marketing Executive: $282,100
    • Top Marketing Executive: $244,400
    • Market Research Executive: $193,100
    • Marketing Director: $152,800

There are plenty of marketing jobs in the industry and when a graduate degree is factored in, there is no telling how successful a person in this market can be. A marketing graduate degree whether obtained online or on-campus will help offer the student the proper education (roughly two years for full time students) that will provide a lucrative career.