Graduate Art Degrees

Art is a hard thing to define as it can be many things to many people. Overall, art is the creative expression of skill and imagination that is visually stimulating. Art is considered to be the production made by a creative expression to create beauty and that is generally pleasing to the eye.

What is a graduate art degree?

Graduate art degrees are in the category known as a Master of Arts, where students are able to study anything from art history to fine arts. Classes can be based either on research or specific courses, or a combination of both. Students can expect to have studio courses and in-class study time. Normally a student will need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to earn a graduate art degree, however this doesn’t necessarily mean they will need to have one in a similar art field.

What are the most popular types of graduate art degrees?

Graduate art degrees can range in many different fields, all with a strong creative focus. Here are some of the most popular art degrees to consider:

  • Acting
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Art Education
  • Fashion
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • Communications
  • Photography
  • Web Design and New Media

Why would someone want to earn a graduate art degree?

A student might want to earn a graduate art degree to get higher education and further their careers in anything from art education to advertising. There are many career options in the art field, and with a higher degree it is possible to receive a higher-level position that offers an extensive competitive salary. Someone who is also very passionate about the arts might want to learn more to simply get a stronger background in a specific specialization in the industry.

What does it take to earn a graduate art degree?

Students who seek a graduate art degree will need to hold a bachelor’s degree first. Most schools and programs do not necessarily ask that the interested student need to have a bachelor’s degree in a similar field.

Online degrees verses on-campus?

While online degrees are in high demand for many students now, they might not always be the right option for a graduate art degree. The reason being that many art programs require that the student have a certain amount of studio work which needs to be done on-campus. Depending on the type of program and specific field that the student is studying will ultimately decide on whether an online degree or on-campus one is more efficient.

What can a person expect as the outcome from earning a graduate art degree?

Someone who receives a graduate art degree can expect a creative career. While they might want a job in fashion, communications, or photography, they also have other options. Other career options can be design such as industrial, packaging, and print. Many media professionals also have a graduate art degree and do very well as the digital world is always changing and always in high demand.